Questions & Answers

Do you only deal with established agencies?

No. Our clients range from brand new businesses to large established agencies … and everything in between. We offer comprehensive solutions to fit your circumstances.

Do you service all Sectors?

Our service is not restricted by sector, we have experience in many sectors including but not limited to, IT, Accounting & Finance, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Construction, Banking, Industrial & Driving.

What do the fees include?
  • 100% Funding of your temporary payroll.
  • Up to 80% funding of your permanent invoices.
  • Bad Debt Protection
  • Agreeing payment terms and setting up credit accounts for your customers
  • Credit control
  • Legal proceedings up to the point of summons
  • Weekly payroll for all for all your temporary workers – PAYE, Ltd company and Umbrella
  • Provision of standard time sheet and contractual templates for your temporary workers
What is the Contract notice period?

Our contract has a 90 day notice period and our minimum term is 12 months, after which it is a rolling contract.

Who owns the contract with candidate and client?

You, the agency own the contract between both your client and the candidate.

What is the process to sign up?

Unlike other recruitment finance and back office service providers, we don’t employ a sales team on commission. We want longstanding relationships with clients so we look at how we can work together. Talk to our Client Care Manager, Shelagh Ward, for further information.

What training will I receive?

We have an on boarding team that will first support you with compliance and getting all your paperwork to us in order. Customer Support will go through the top level processes with you, you will then receive a phone call with a member of the team followed up with an email to reiterate what has been explained. The Customer Support team will stay in touch with you until you feel comfortable with the processes and deadlines.

How and when do I receive my margin payment?

Each week on a Friday, you will receive an email from Easypay’s Accounts Department, stating what payment will be sent to you. This is your Margin Payment which is sent to you by BACS on a Friday and credits your account the following Tuesday.

How is the money collected from our customers?

Easypay invoices your clients and collects payment on behalf of your agency.

How is the money collected from our customers?

Easypay invoices your clients and collects payment on behalf of your agency.

Do we have a maximum funding limit?

No – as long as your customers are creditworthy for the amounts you need, there is no limit to trading you can do, nor do we have concentration limits.

How can I check payroll for mistakes?

Once we have processed your payroll, we produce a ‘Validation Report’, this report is emailed to you and details every timesheet to be processed, the pay and charge rates. It should be checked thoroughly for any errors, which can be rectified before payroll is run.

Do Easypay take a stake in the agency?

No, Easypay does not take a share in any agency – we just share our knowledge and expertise with you.

"Easypay enabled us to carry on with the business development, knowing the rest of things are in safe hands"