Going on holiday whilst owning a business…

September 21, 2018Olivia Cheetham

Owning and running your own business brings many advantages such as not reporting to anyone else and working to your own timescales..but what happens when you want to take a break away from the business and go on holiday? How did you cope this summer?  Any lessons learnt that you will bear in mind for your next break?

Leaving the business is easier said than done but there are things you can do to ease the process and make it as stress-free as possible. The best thing to do? Plan ahead!

Most of us will know too well the temptation to quickly check those emails that are now readily accessible through mobiles and laptops whilst we are away but we are supposed to be switching off! It is so important to recharge your batteries to ensure you are working at peak performance and a holiday should be the perfect way to do this. As a business owner you, of course, need to keep on top of things so use the tools and people available to you to make life that little bit easier.

  • The improvements in technology for many people now mean that some of the services can be looked after remotely or with artificial intelligence. If you promote your business and roles online social media automation tools are a great way to get content uploaded onto your channels without having to think too much about it. Simply upload your content, schedule a time for it to be released and then watch it go! If social media is crucial to your business this is a good way to show your customers that you are still there and are engaging with them where possible.
  • Some people choose to create certain “rules” for their emails meaning they only receive them if they are marked urgent or even to automatically forward on to someone who can deal with it. If you are lucky enough to have other staff members working for you have to be able to trust them to look after things whilst you are away. Not only will it be rewarding for your employees when they do a great job but it will also prove and show you just how capable they are, meaning next time you go away you can leave with the confidence of things running smoothly. Identifying potential problems before you go away and arming them with the right information in these circumstances allows you to make plans and procedure for what to do in case it does happen and can ease the stress that these problems can cause. The worst thing to do to your customers is lie. Don’t lie to them about being on holiday tell them you are going away but you have put provisions in place to ensure they will still receive the service they have come to expect.  If they were not aware you were away and were unable to get hold of you, this would damage your reputation with them and future customers. Most of the time people will be understanding and know that everyone needs time away. It can be so tempting when working remotely to not even mention holidays to customers but making them aware will allow you to manage their expectations and provide the best possible customer service.

It is impossible to maintain your drive and enthusiasm for work 24/7 which is why taking breaks away is so important. A staggering 76% of small business owners postpone or cancel their holidays in favour of their business. If you really can’t take a long period of time away from the business think about taking short breaks instead, even one or two days can really benefit.

This summer the staff at Easypay travelled all around the globe on their holidays visiting some wonderful places –  Bulgaria, Tenerife, Corfu to name a few. We always have plans in place in the office to ensure we always run smoothly and our clients receive the same levels of customer service that they have become used too!

If you would like to know more about  practices we use to ensure a consistent customer service please contact our Customer Care Manager, Shelagh Ward, on 01943 882104 or email shelagh.ward@easypayservices.co.uk

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