Social Media and the Recruitment Sector

March 16, 2018eps_admin

Social media has changed the way recruitment agencies source candidates and attract clients. How do you build social media into your communications – is it purely for brand awareness or do you actively use it as a tool to publicise your job roles?

There is no doubt that social media has and is continuing to change the recruitment marketing environment. It is a research tool for candidates, employers and recruiters that should not be ignored – it’s all about using the right channels at the right time for the right candidates.

These are just some of our thoughts and observations…

Be clever and use innovative ideas adopting all the segmentation and targeting tools available.Don’t just ‘push’ out job information. Use ‘pull’ techniques to attract visitors to your site with CV writing tips, interview techniques, sector trends etc…Social media allows for 24 hour communications and a lot of job hunting will be done in the evening and on weekends so schedule your posts at these times.Don’t use social media in isolation – integrate with all other methods of communication such as email, text, mail – everyone consumes information in different ways.The channel you use will depend on your target audience – Linked In, Facebook or Twitter. Different age group and professions will use different channels. Choose the platform that is right for you and your target audience – don’t spread yourself too thinly across too many channels where you audience might not be active. People can sometimes be nervous about being seen to connect with recruiters by their boss on LinkedIn – don’t feel bad if they don’t connect to you! Yes, post job opportunities on your feed but keep the messaging private.Obviously your competition will see the roles you are recruiting but recruiters will also see this information and this gives them a good feel for your areas of expertise – it might prompt them to contact you with regards a very similar role they are looking to take to market.Remind your candidates that employers (and yourselves) will ‘google’ an individual and look on social media as part of the research process so candidates need to make sure they have nothing to hide that could tarnish their chances of an interview!Research the tips and tricks that Social Media can offer you! Your competitors may not know of these giving you the advantage!

Whether you are starting up a new recruitment agency or are looking for ongoing support marketing advice is one of our added value offerings so please do let us know if you have any social media questions.

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