5 Top Tips for Using Social Media for Recruitment

June 12, 2019Olivia Cheetham

In our previous blog “social media in recruitment” we recognised that it is a widely used tool for candidates, employers and recruiters that should not be ignored – put simply, it’s all about using the right channels, at the right time, for the right market. 

We have listed 5 top tips to build into your social media activities…

1 – Have a plan and allow time

For many businesses, the use of social media is something that is often challenged. Is it not a distraction for staff to spend time on the likes of Twitter, Linked In? Social media does not bring instant results which can put people off. Stick with it and take it seriously! Build it into your long-term brand awareness plan. Choose the channels you are going to use, commit to using the tools daily to share jobs, news and build your audience. 

2 – Ensure your brand is represented consistently in all areas

Is your aim to communicate and build awareness with candidates or employers, or both? Communicate with them appropriately. The messages that you post need to be consistent and on brand. Not only does this look professional but it helps to emphasise your brand and key themes. People need to know they are engaging with the same company no matter what platform they are using. 

3 – Think of your audience

Content is key! Engage with your audience and get them involved by sharing content that is relevant.  Social media is a great tool for market research in the recruitment sector – those looking for a job as well as employers looking for candidates. Create a content plan that will address the questions your audience are researching and share regularly.

4 – Demonstrate your expertise

It is important to find the balance of sharing your content as well as that of relevant third parties.  Do you specialise in recruitment for a particular sector? Partnering and identifying with industry leaders in these sectors is a great look for any business. Over time people will start to associate these leaders with your business. Sharing opinions is also a great way to start a conversation which could potentially lead to ‘online’ networking.

5 – Reach your target audience!

Implement an internal process so your team members use the same social media channels and share the posts from your company accounts.  Also using hashtags help to be found by your target audience – many people do research by searching on specific hashtags so it will help you be found. 

Our marketing team are always available to answer any questions you may have – drop Olivia an email for any social media guidance (Olivia.cheetham@easypayservices.co.uk).