Spotlight on our Leadership Team, Managing Director – Amanda Hobson

April 30, 2018eps_admin
Amanda Hobson

Managing Director Amanda’s roots are in the recruitment sector having run her family recruitment agency for 12 years. Amanda understands first-hand the challenges when running a recruitment agency. Her life time in the sector has played a key part in the success of Easypay.

“Having occupied a unique position at the heart of the recruitment industry for the entire duration of my career since leaving school, I have experienced all aspects of everyday agency maintenance. From candidate and client management, payroll, the reasons insurers give to not pay out and the lessons learnt, to the legal processes when customers don’t pay their invoices. I’ve encountered every excuse there is to be given for non-payment of debt! As such, I have a well-rounded understanding of how an agency can work efficiently and effectively in order to scale and how vital cashflow is in enabling that journey.”

“I acted as Director of Swift Employment Services, which later became Henry Court Group in a time of deep recession, and through astute people management, managed to turn around the agency to £10m turnover.”

Amanda established Easypay in 2001 as she identified gap in the market for a holistic funding and back-office model tailored to the recruitment sector’s needs.

“My personal specialty did lie in the temporary recruitment construction industry market; a challenging sector, with complex and constantly changing legislation which I had to keep abreast of at all times. My experience in navigating the pitfalls of the industry allows me to advise my customers from first-hand experience as to how to handle the issues and matters that arise from legislative changes, as well as general codes of best-practice. Whilst running Easypay for over 16 years, legislation change has been a constant but my sector expertise has broadened to cover most sectors.“

Keeping ourselves, and our clients, up to speed with the legislative changes is so important and Amanda has already made sure that this goes hand in hand with the funding support we provide to our clients and network.

Clients come to Easypay because they need funding for their recruitment business, they remain with us because we are able to provide so much more…

We understand recruitment and the day to day challenges and opportunities it brings. Amanda shares her extensive knowledge with the Easypay team so together we can provide the assistance and guidance our clients need.

Easypay has recently partnered with Thomas Bennett of V.Henry & Co to provide sector specific GDPR courses to support customers with the impending change in legislation with regards to the protection of personal data. The courses in Manchester, Birmingham & London were a great success and turned a challenging subject matter into an entertaining and informative event. We are running a 4th seminar in Newcastle in the next few weeks, if this is an event you would like to consider attending call or email on the details below, we are always happy to speak to aspiring agencies.

If you’d like to know more about our Managing Director please visit our website or if our supportive approach is what you’re looking for please call our Customer Care Manager, Shelagh Ward, on 01943 882104 or email her at

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