Spotlight on Our Leadership Team – Sarah Shaw BSc ACA

January 30, 2018eps_admin

As a Chartered Accountant, I trained with, what was then, one of the big 6, later to consolidate to the big 4! I joined the Growing Businesses Department of Coopers & Lybrand, who later merged with Price Waterhouse to become the now PWC. An opportunity to join Growing Businesses was a rare opportunity in one of the big firms.

From the outset I thrived on being able to see the bigger picture and understand the whole business. We had the opportunity to liaise with, and add value to, the owners and Directors. Throughout my career, despite the options to move away from working in the SME sector, it’s always maintained my passion and interest.

I’m often asked what surprises me most in business…

“People being brave enough to go it alone and start their own business. It takes courage, there are risks associated with it and it can be a lonely place. The key to success is being aware of and managing risk as best you can, if not your hard work could all have been for nothing.”

Our aim at Easypay is to be a true partner with our customers, to support them operationally with our tried and tested systems and controls. We have expertise in areas our customers may not be an expert. It’s hard for even the most successful of people to be expert in everything. You need a team around you, we aim to be an extension of your business and part of your team.

There is often relief and appreciation felt by our customers as they realise they have a partner they can bounce ideas from and can relieve some of the operational burden. We offer expertise in so many areas as opposed to having to recruit a full team or Google to within an inch of your life to become an online expert in everything!

Our customers are often expert in their field, perhaps with niche of niche expertise in their chosen field of recruitment, managing relationships and matching the right candidate to the right role. But recruitment is a sector characterised by a plethora of legislation changes, year after year. Our aim is to keep abreast of these changes and communicate with our customers so they’re aware of what’s happening and where they may need to be seeking further guidance.

Running a business can be a lonely and stressful place, at Easypay we aim to help to reduce the operational stress and make it a less of a lonely journey. We’ve learnt lessons along our journey professionally and as part of the Easypay team, by partnering with us, we aim to help you benefit from the lessons we’ve already learnt.

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